Our Communications
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Our Communications
Our Expertise: Achieving your Projects
Consulting and Support in Project Management

2008-10-20 Projets PM inc. participates in a strategic project for the implementation of an
Investment Management System for a canadian institution.

2008-08-30 Projets PM inc. offers strategic development, technology and project management
consulting services f
or product development to a Quebec SMB.

2008-01-30 Pierre Marcoux, president of Projets PM inc., becomes member of the "Ordre des
administrateurs agréés du Québec
", an additional guarantee of the quality of Projets PM inc.

2007-12-17 Projets PM inc. participates in an important system migration project of a mutual
fund management division in a canadian bank.

2007-10-01 Projets PM inc. launches its Project Support and Consulting service offering.
Details on the service offring here.